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Here at SturItUp we have a variety of free resources to Offer. Mailing lists, virtual classes, Youtube playlists, other websites as well as free consultations to see what your needs may be.

Mailing Lists

Only Apple Talk and Support

This list is everything apple. Need support, want to ask a question, have one to sell? This is the list for you.

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Mac For The Blind

This list is managed by my Mentor John Panarese. Different list, same agenda. We work together, instead of against one another. The end goal is the same. Get you the best possible support and answer as possible. Answers have a different flavor, but will get a solution.

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Virtual Training

SturItUp is privileged to be a part of the TTJ Instructor team.

TTJ offers free virtual help sessions each week in Zoom. Anyone may join, no registration needed, and all participants get a chance to ask questions. Talk to the TTJ Instructor Team to get expert help on Apple products, Apple and third-party apps, Apple services, TV streaming, smart home topics, networking, accessories, and much more.

Help sessions take place every Tuesday at 2PM Eastern Time. Use the following link to attend each session

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