There’s Still Time! Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Free Courses

Starting next Monday, The Tech Juggernaut will begin our Mid-Winter Mini Course, where we’ll teach the basics of AppleTV and TVOS, cord cutting, Apple Watch and Watch OS, HomePod, Apple Wallet, Apple Pay, online security, financial health, and more. Whether you are a Voiceover user or not, this course has something for you. It takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 3PM to 5PM Eastern throughout the entire month of February.

Then, beginning March 1, and every Monday and Wednesday through the end of May, we offer our free iPad course – iPad For All Computing. Again, this course has something for everyone, from the basics of iPad to the advanced productivity tasks you always thought you could never accomplish on an iPad. Families, teachers, students, business owners, and more, don’t miss this awesome course.

Both courses are free, and there’s still time to register for both. Even if you have already registered, you should get in touch with us to indicate that you still wish to participate. And if you have not yet signed up, but you wish to participate in either one or both of these awesome courses, please send a short email to:

In the subject line, type, TTJ Course Registration. Then in the body, please indicate which course you want, or both.

Again that email address is:

For any other questions about the courses, please send iMessages to:

How To Join the the TTJ Special Event Festivities

Tomorrow is the big day, when Apple will hold its Special Event, expected to see the introduction of new hardware, as well as possible additional information on the release of iOS 14 and much more. As promised, we will be kicking things off an hour early here at TTJ, with our pre-game show, beginning at Noon Eastern, 11AM Central, 10AM Mountain, and 9AM Pecific Time. Please come and be part of our live audience, and enjoy the discussions, trivia fun, and more.

Then, at 1PM Eastern, open your Apple TV app, on any iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, iPod Touch, Mac, or select smart TVs, to watch the Apple Special Event unfolding live. Finally, when the Apple Event concludes, return immediately to our TTJ session for a quick recap and Q and A session.

You may join our TTJ events using your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC. When you visit the link in your browser on a Mac or PC, you will automatically be prompted to install the Webex Desktop Client. If you will be joining from an iOS device, make sure you have downloaded the Cisco Webex Meetings App first, before attempting to join us.

Join Meeting

Or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Should you have any questions, please send an iMessage to:

Hope to see you tomorrow.:)

Join Us This Tuesday For Apple Event Festivities!

Apple has announced that they plan to hold a special media event on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, beginning at 1PM Eastern, Noon Central. The Tech Juggernaut will be celebrating this event in our traditional way by holding several special events of our own. First off, one hour prior to the Apple Event, at Noon Eastern, 11AM Central, 10AM Mountain, and 9AM Pecific Time, we will hold our pregame show. During this time, the TTJ Instructor Team along with special guests and friends, will be discussing what we might expect Apple to announce at the event and more. This pregame show is always a great time, where we take questions from audience members, play fun tech trivia, and much more.

At 1PM Eastern, the pregame show will disperse, and we will all tune into Apple’s Special Event. You can watch this event on your AppleTV, or on any other device at

Finally, at the conclusion of the Apple Special Event, TTJ will reconvene for a short post-event discussion, where we will recap what was announced and answer any questions.

All are welcome to join the TTJ Pregame Show and Post-Event Wrap up. Remember, the pregame show begins at Noon Eastern on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. To join, please download the Webex Meetings App. TTJ will post the Webex join link by Monday night, September 14, 2020. Hope to see you all there.:)

Free Course Offerings By Date – Almost Time to Register

The time has come to decide which of our free TTJ courses you would like to take during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Training Seasons. Registration will officially open this Friday, August 14, and registrations will be handled online via https://TTJ To help you get ready, we are now announcing exact course dates and schedules for the entire season below:

All free courses will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3PM to 5PM Eastern. That’s 2PM Central, 1PM Mountain, and 12 Noon Pecific Time. Courses are open to everyone and are completely free, though first priority will be given to new students.

Course 1: Connected Digital Life Mini Courses (See Below)

Mini Course 1: All About Apple IDs and iCloud:

Monday September 14, and Wednesday September 16

Mini Course Continued: An Introduction to Apple Services – Apple Music, Apple News Plus, Apple TV Plus, and More:

September 21 and 23

Mini Course 2: Cord Cutting and TV Streaming:

September 28 and 30

Mini Course 3: Home Automation and Home Security:

October 5

Mini Course 4: Staying Safe In the Digital World:

October 7

Course 2: Learning Voiceover In and Out – 2020 iOS Edition:

Every Monday and Wednesday from Monday October 12 through Wednesday December 23, 2020

Course 3: A Month With the Mac, All About Mac OS and Voiceover:

Begins Monday January 4 and ends Wednesday January 27, 2021

Course 4: Mini Course Series (See Below):

All About HomePod:

Monday February 1, 2021

An Introduction to AppleTV:

Wednesday February 3, 2021

Intro to Apple Watch:

February 8 and 10, 2021

Apple Pay, Apple Card, Best Financial Practices, and More

February 15, 2021

See the Possibilities – Why Use an iPad/What to Buy (No Registration Needed):

Wednesday February 17, 2021

iPad For All Computing – 2021 Edition:

Every Monday and Wednesday, beginning Monday March 1, concludes Wednesday May 26, with possible rap up session on Friday, May 28, 2021

Again, registration officially opens this Friday. Our incredible courses are extremely limited, so don’t wait. Stay tuned to this blog and register right away. For questions, please use iMessage or email to get in touch with us at

Free Upcoming Courses Announced for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

At our second annual TTJ Tech Summit, which was held on Saturday, July 25, The Tech Juggernaut revealed its plans for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Training Season. This year promises to be our best ever, with something for everyone! All our courses will be completely updated for iOS and iPad OS 14 and all its features. Our Voiceover course will begin earlier this year and will provide the most thorough and in-depth training we’ve offered thus far. Our flagship iPad course, completely redesigned for iPad OS 14, will provide 12 weeks of training, and will cover the most extensive curriculum of any of our courses so far. We will also further enhance the learning experience by providing several mini courses on subjects like cutting the cord, home automation, and keeping your identity private and secure in the digital world. Finally, we are pleased to offer, for the very first time, a separate course on the Mac, as well as mini courses on AppleTV, HomePod, and Apple Watch. We’ll round out this years offerings with a mini course on Apple Pay, electronic payments, and tips for financial success.

The TTJ Instructor Team is already hard at work, testing and learning the new software versions, so we’re fully prepared to offer the same level of training and support you have come to expect. As in past years, classes will be held live, using online conferencing software, and will also feature a digital learning platform, to facilitate the distribution of audio and video tutorials, written documentation, web links. Assignments, discussions, and more. The combined total of live and on-demand instruction will provide hundreds of hours of useful resources, created by certified instructors with the passion for helping others learn about these life-changing and empowering Apple products. Perhaps best of all, is the fact that these courses will remain completely free for all students. There are no entrance fees, no subscriptions, and no purchase necessary. For those who wish to go beyond what is taught in our courses, or for those who need individualized training, other training and support packages are available for a fee.

Classes are set to take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, beginning September 14, 2020, and running through May 26, 2021. Registration opens Monday August 10, 2020, so get ready, and stay tuned for more information.

Be sure you are subscribe to the blog at https://TTJ so you don’t miss any course information. Direct all questions to via either iMessage or email.

Join Our Tech Summit Live Stream

TTJ is pleased to announce our second annual Tech Summit, to be held virtually, Saturday, July 25, 2020, at 7PM Eastern, 6PM Central, 5PM Mountain, and 4PM Pacific Time.

Join Trainers Lynne, Rita, Kliph, and Matt of the TTJ Instructor Team, as they reflect on last year’s classes, discuss Apple’s future product and software rumors, and much more. We will have fun with TTJ Trivia night, both for instructors and audience members. We will also play the Stump the Instructor Challenge. Finally, the highlight of this event will be the announcement of our Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Training Schedule, including course offerings, help sessions, and more.

As stated, this live stream will take place on July 25 at 7PM Eastern, and you can be part of our live audience, asking questions, playing trivia, and more. To join, use Zoom. The meeting ID is:


The password is:


Or you may use the following link to join:

Hope to see you there!:)