Mac by the Bit (Session3) Simple basic navigation

Mac by the Bit, Session3, w3 will start with some Basic navigation procedures. Keystrokes, quick nav on and off, and even some familiar gestures, if you use an iPhone that is. Showing you the built in tutorial, users guide, and how to find help on the fly. Time permitting, we may explore an app.
Come with your questions ready, and to continue on this journey of learning the Mac from the ground up, Bit by Bit. This next installment of Mac by the Bit is, Thursday July 29th 2021 at 8:00PM EST, 7:00PM CST, 6:00PM MST, and 5:00PM PST. To join at the Scheduled time click here
Mac by the Bit not enough? Subscribe to my TechTalk podcast, where there will be even more demos of the mac and other technology!
Let’s keep learning the Mac, Bit by Bit

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