Join Our Special Apple Event Festivities

The time is fast approaching for Apple’s, “Spring Loaded” event. This special event will take place on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 1PM Eastern, 12 Noon Central. As is usually the case, Stur It Up and TTJ will be holding our own virtual event to celebrate all things Apple.

First off, join us at 12PM Eastern, 11AM Central, 10AM Mountain, and 9AM Pecific, for our special Pregame Show. Stur It Up, TTJ, and possible special guests will discuss what we expect from the event, what we’re looking forward to, and the current state of Apple products. Just like the pregame shows before your favorite sporting events, you’ll get to hear the familiar voices of your TTJ Instructor team and others, as they discuss all things Apple. There’ll even be time for audience questions and comments. So grab your favorite pregame snacks, and be sure to join us in just a few hours, using the link provided below.

Immediately following the Pregame Show, be sure to live stream the Apple Event, using the Apple TV app on any Apple device. Just choose the Apple Event from the Watch Now tab. This event can also be live streamed on YouTube or Apple.Com.

As soon as the Apple Event concludes, return to the Stur It Up and TTJ event, using the same WebEx link below. This time, you’ll enjoy a short post-event wrap up and Q and A session. If you enjoy Apple products and Apple events, these special festivities are not to be missed.

Join the TTJ and Stur It Up Event Festivities

Should you have any questions, please send iMessages to:

God bless you, and hope to see you soon for these special events.:)

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