How To Join the the TTJ Special Event Festivities

Tomorrow is the big day, when Apple will hold its Special Event, expected to see the introduction of new hardware, as well as possible additional information on the release of iOS 14 and much more. As promised, we will be kicking things off an hour early here at TTJ, with our pre-game show, beginning at Noon Eastern, 11AM Central, 10AM Mountain, and 9AM Pecific Time. Please come and be part of our live audience, and enjoy the discussions, trivia fun, and more.

Then, at 1PM Eastern, open your Apple TV app, on any iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, iPod Touch, Mac, or select smart TVs, to watch the Apple Special Event unfolding live. Finally, when the Apple Event concludes, return immediately to our TTJ session for a quick recap and Q and A session.

You may join our TTJ events using your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC. When you visit the link in your browser on a Mac or PC, you will automatically be prompted to install the Webex Desktop Client. If you will be joining from an iOS device, make sure you have downloaded the Cisco Webex Meetings App first, before attempting to join us.

Join Meeting

Or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Should you have any questions, please send an iMessage to:

Hope to see you tomorrow.:)

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