iPad keyboard commands

I have been called the keyboard king by the team over at TTJTech.net. I have been known to own and use a lot of keyboards over time, and also if there is a keyboard command for it, whether it be on the Mac, iPhone, or iPad I will find it.  Below is a list of commands for the iPad I have collected over the last 2 years.  Some I found by accident, a lot of them I collected from websites.  Enjoy!

Learn iPad keyboard shortcuts

If you have an external keyboard connected to your iPad, you can use keyboard shortcuts to do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.

To see a list of shortcuts that you can use with an app, press and hold the Command ⌘ key when you use the app or on the Home screen.

Use common keyboard shortcuts
Most iPad keyboard shortcuts use the Command ⌘ key, like on a Mac. If you’re more familiar with a PC keyboard, the Command ⌘ key does the same thing as the Control key on a PC.
Here are some common keyboard shortcuts:

• Command-H: Go to the Home screen.
• Command-Space bar: Show or hide the Search field.
• Command-Tab: Switch to the next most recently used app among your open apps.
• Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot.
• Command-Shift-4: Take a screenshot and immediately open Markup to view or edit it.
• Command-Option-D: Show or hide the Dock.
Want to add an emoji? To quickly find the emoji keyboard, press the globe key  when you’re in a text field. Don’t see the emoji keyboard? Make sure that it’s turned on.

Customize keyboard shortcuts
1 Open Settings, then tap Accessibility.
2 Tap Keyboards.
3 Tap Full Keyboard Access and turn it on.
4 Tap Commands.
5 Tap a command, then press a custom key combination to assign to it.
6 Tap Done.

iPad Navigation Keyboard Commands with VoiceOver

Basic keyboard navigation shortcuts on iPad with VoiceOver enabled are as follows:
◦ Control+Option+H – Home button
◦ Control+Option+H+H – Show multitask bar
◦ Control+Option+i – Item chooser
◦ Escape – Back button
◦ Right Arrow – next item
◦ Left Arrow – previous item
◦ Up + Down Arrows simultaneously – tap selected item
◦ Option + Down Arrow – scroll down
◦ Option + Up Arrow – scroll up
◦ Option + Left or Right Arrow – scroll left or right
◦ Control+Option+S – turn VoiceOver speech on or off
These keyboard shortcuts can be used from anywhere. You’ll notice many of them are shared between Mac OS X and iOS, making them familiar and quite easy to use for Mac users who are using the iPad.

Files App
Here is a list of known keyboard shortcuts for using Files app on iPad with an external keyboard. You must be in the Files app on iPad to be able to use these keyboard shortcuts.
◦ Create New Folder – Command + Shift +N
◦ Copy – Command + C
◦ Duplicate – Command +D
◦ Paste – Command + V
◦ Move Here (like pasting with Cut) – Command + Shift + V
◦ Delete – Command + Delete
◦ Select All – Command + A
◦ Search – Command + F
◦ Show Recents – Command + Shift + R
◦ Show Browse – Command + Shift + B
◦ View as Icons – Command + 1
◦ View as List – Command + 2
◦ Go to Enclosing Folder – Command + Up Arrow
◦ Navigate – Arrow keys

Note that for commands like copy, duplicate, paste, delete, you will need to have a file or folder actively selected for the command to work as expected.
Great bonus tip for iPad users with an external keyboard: with an external keyboard attached to an iPad, hold down the COMMAND key on the keyboard to see a list of keyboard shortcuts show on the iPad screen for that particular iOS app. Nearly all native iOS apps support this feature, though not all third party apps do.

Pages Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad
Create New Document – Command N
• Open Document / Go to Documents – Command O
• Find – Command F
• Show / Hide Word Count – Shift Command W
• Show / Hide Ruler – Command R
• Add Comment – Shift Command K
• Increase font size – Command +
• Decrease font size – Command –
• Bold – Command B
• Italic – Command I
• Underline – Command U
• Copy Style – Option Command C
• Copy – Command C
• Paste – Command V
• Cut – Command X
• Navigate Document – Arrow Keys
• Close Pages and return to Home Screen – Command H
Some of these keystrokes must be used when text is selected within the Pages app, like Copy or bolding currently selected text, or at least when a cursor is located within the document itself, like Bold or Paste.
The arrow keys function will change depending on what is active on the Pages app iPad screen. If the document text is selected, in which case the arrow keys will move the cursor. If nothing within the document is selected, the arrow keys can be used to scroll the document on screen instead.

Safari for iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

◦ New Tab – Command T
◦ Close Tab – Command W
◦ Open Split View – Command N
◦ Show Previous Tab – Control Shift Tab
◦ Show Next Tab – Control Tab
◦ Show Tab Overview – Shift Command \
◦ Open Location / Website URL / Search – Command L
◦ Go – Return
◦ Cycle between text inputs on page – Tab
◦ Reload Page – Command R
◦ Go Back – Command [
◦ Go Forward – Command [
◦ Find on Page – Command F
◦ Show / Hide Reader Mode – Shift Command R
◦ Show / Hide Sidebar – Shift Command L
◦ Add to Reading List – Shift Command D
◦ Scroll Down – Down Arrow
◦ Scroll Up – Up Arrow
◦ Scroll Left – Left Arrow
◦ Scroll Right – Right Arrow
◦ Scroll Down a Page – Spacebar
◦ Scroll Up a Page – Shift Spacebar
◦ Scroll to bottom of a page – Command + Down Arrow
◦ Scroll to top of a page – Command + Up Arrow
◦ Cut – Command X
◦ Copy – Command C
◦ Paste – Command V
◦ Exit Safari and return to iPad Home Screen – Command H (Shift Command H on some devices)

Notes Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad
◦ Bold – Command + B
◦ Italics – Command + i
◦ Underline – Command + U
◦ Title – Shift + Command + T
◦ Heading – Shift + Command + H
◦ Body – Shift + Command + B
◦ Checklist – Shift + Command + L
◦ Mark as Checked – Shift + Command + U
◦ Table – Control + Shift + T
◦ Indent Right – Command + ]
◦ Find in Note – Command + F
◦ Note List Search – Control + Command + F
◦ New Note – Command + N
◦ End Editing – Command + Return
Don’t forget the standard copy, cut, and paste keyboard shortcuts on iPad work in the Notes app too:
◦ Command + C for Copy
◦ Command + X for Cut
◦ Command + V for Paste

Note that you can initiate some of these keystrokes at any time in the Notes app, while others you will need to have selected text or an item within Notes app to be able to perform the function (like Copy or Cut).
If you can’t remember all of the Notes app keyboard shortcuts, you can see a screen popover of available keystrokes in the Notes app on iPad at any time by holding down the COMMAND key on the external keyboard (this trick works in many other Apple iPad apps too).

New iPadOS 13 Keyboard Shortcuts For The iPad

Confirmed to work with both the Apple Smart Keyboard and third-party Bluetooth offerings, the new keyboard shortcuts are all Safari-based. That’s likely because Safari itself received plenty of attention as part of iPadOS 13, making it a full desktop-class experience.
For that to be true, many of these shortcuts were needed.

1 Open link in new window (Command + Alt + tap)
2 Use selection for Find (Command + E)
3 Use default font size in Reader (Command + 0)
4 Email this page (Command + I)
5 Open link in new tab (Command + Shift + tap)
6 Increase Reader text size (Command + +)
7 Decrease Reader text size (Command + -)
8 Zoom in (Command + +)
9 Zoom out (Command + -)
10 Add link to Reading List (Shift + tap)
11 Close other tabs (Command + Alt/Option + W)
12 Scroll around screen (arrow keys)
13 Save webpage (Command + S)
14 Open link in background (Command + tap)
15 Toggle downloads (Command + Alt/Option)
16 Focus Smart Search field (Command + Alt/Option + F)
17 Dismiss web view in app (Command + W)
18 Change focused element (Alt/Option + tab)
19 Download linked file (Alt + tap)
20 Toggle bookmarks (Command + Alt/Option + 1)
21 Open search result (Command + Return)
22 Paste without formatting (Command + Shift + Alt/Option + V)
23 New Private tab (Command + Shift + N)

As part of the move to make Safari a better experience, Apple says iPadOS 13’s update will mean that websites will automatically load the desktop version of a website, rather than mobile. The addition of a download manager helps this be the biggest update to the iPad’s Safari implementation yet.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome
◦ New Tab – Command + T
◦ New Incognito Tab – Command + Shift + N
◦ Close Tab – Command + W
◦ Reopen Closed Tab – Command + Shift + T
◦ Bookmark This Page – Command + D
◦ Find In Page – Command + F
◦ Open URL / Location / Website – Command + L
◦ Go to Location / Search Bar to Google Search – Command + L, search terms, then hit Return key
◦ Reload Current Page – Command + R
◦ Open History – Command + Y
◦ Voice Search – Shift + Command + .
◦ Navigate Down – Down Arrow
◦ Navigate Up – Up Arrow
◦ Full Page Down – Control + Down Arrow
◦ Full Page Up – Control + Up Arrow
◦ Scroll to Bottom of Page – Command + Down Arrow
◦ Scroll to Top of Page – Command + Up Arrow
◦ Go Back a Tab – Command + Option + Back Arrow
◦ Go Forward a Tab – Command + Option + Forward Arrow
◦ Go Back to Previous Page – Control + [
◦ Go Forward a Page – Control + ]
◦ Leave Chrome – ESC (if your keyboard has an Escape key) or Command + H

You can also use the traditional copy, cut, and paste keyboard shortcuts for iPad (Command + C, Command + X, Command + V) within Chrome on iPad, whether that’s while using the URL / Location / Search bar, or a form on a web page, or anywhere else you can select or enter text in the browser.
Notably missing from the keystroke actions in Chrome for iPad is going back a page or forward a page by using the back and forward arrow keys, which instead either requires using the same keystroke for back as you use to type the Escape key on many iPad apps, or requires tapping the screen Back and Forward buttons to perform that action. That may be an oversight or perhaps something that depends on the version of Chrome for iPad, or perhaps even the keyboard in use with the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro.

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